Stock Photography Platforms – Part 3

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Not long ago, BTW did two articles explaining rather deeply the pros and cons of each microstock website. However, it may get a little confusing and overwhelming to pick a few (if you don’t want to do like me and sign up for all of them!). With that in mind, here’s side-by-side comparative article that’ll be much easier to use. It’s a good old stock photography comparison-styled table that’s friendly to look at and make sense of.


Direct Stock Platforms Comparison Table

 Min. RoyaltyMulti-SelectionExclusivityEditorialNotificationsMobile AppValidation
Depositphotos0,30$YesNoYesYesYes (useless)
Shutterstock0,25$YesNoNoYesYes (very good)Harsh
Adobe Stock0,23$YesNoNoYesNo


I chose the criteria that I found more pertinent (and also present in the individual reviews themselves). In case you want another dimension used, please ask. Here’s a bit of the rationale behind each chosen feature:

  • Min. Royalty: the value presented is the lowest as possible. For me, i.e. an amateur photographer, this is probably what you’ll get most of the times. However, a successful picture may end up having tens of downloads each, slightly compensating for the low individual rate. Other times clients may separately acquire your photo, in which they tend to have to pay more for it.
  • Multi-selection: an absolutely mandatory criterion for someone who submits multiple related pictures;
  • Exclusivity: not important to me because, at the moment, I prefer to take my chances having my pictures on multiple websites rather than one. But it’s a concept that, with time, can grant a special “status” to an artist that sticks with a certain platform.
  • Editorial: meaning “newsworthy”, it’s an amazing feature that means you can still license your photo and earn money, but with fewer limitations in terms of releases.
  • Notifications, at least for someone who can be still bothered by them, is the most immediate way to know your photo was just acquired.
  • Mobile App: a convenient way to check your stats on the go.
  • Validation: I’d say that the average duration is a day / 48 hours: anything other than that deserved a special note.



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