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Welcome to my humble abode: make yourself at home! My name is Bruno Coelho and Born to Wanderlust (BTW) is my new life project. BTW is the result of a growing trend among people to devote themselves to “traveling greatness”. Being that a lifestyle focused on traveling, living abroad, exploring the world or a myriad of other ways. For those who don’t know, “wanderlust” means “the desire to travel” and it’s a jargon that has become mainstream. Now, traveling is unarguably one of the things that people enjoy doing most: wanting to travel isn’t the surprise here.

However, a true wanderluster is not satisfied with the classic 2-weeks summer vacation and occasional short weekend breaks. To wanderlust is to take travel seriously. It means working your ass off to be able to meet new cultures, growing every step of the way with those experiences. Reaching all those hard-to-get spots, even if you have to fight the elements in between. Ultimately, it means to make something worthy of our lives.
Travel Mindset


Evidently, wanderlust is the number one subject of BTW.


To roam the Earth effectively is something that isn’t by any means easy. Even excluding character-based skills (a potential subject of a future post…), traveling requires money, time, documentation, medical checkups, among others. Wanderlust means changing your life to accommodate traveling as the main focus of it.

Every person has its own way to achieve this sort of “traveling sweet spot”. Some have a travel-based career, such as a flight attendant or simply a job with many relocations. Others have a lot of money, so I’m assuming there aren’t any major inconveniences. Of interest to BTW is the growing community of people that have decided to work their way through different countries. They do so for a couple of years (more or less) and then jump to another location in a cyclic manner.

Within this last category, there are those who simply practice regular jobs in different locations (such as software developers). And then there are the digital nomads. A digital nomad is someone who mostly performs digital-based jobs (relying on a strong internet connection) and thus becomes location-independent. This is the path I’ve chosen for my life so far, and the journey has been a bumpy one, to say the least. Exactly because of that, telling others about the good and bad of this lifestyle is something that I’ve always wanted to do, so here it is.

Work Mindset


Sharing my experiences as a digital nomad is the second subject of BTW.


Within the digital nomad lifestyle, there is a large number of services that can be performed. Obviously, I do some of them and I don’t want to do (or don’t know how to do) many other ones. But there’s one thing that surpasses the concept of a digital nomad into the realm of passions: photography. An interest of mine which is deeply related to the two concepts mentioned above, photography is a very serious hobby of mine turning into a career. Without photography, all else wouldn’t make sense.

Photography Mindset


And with that, photography is the third sweet theme of BTW.


Please don’t take this ordered list (travel, being a digital nomad and photography) too seriously. There are periods in which I’ll be doing more working than traveling and vice-versa. Plus, every now and then I may just post something completely different and unrelated: after all, this is my blog!

Also as a disclaimer, I don’t intend to come across as a guru in any of these activities. I will simply write about my experiences first person, however different or opposite they may be of what others advocate. This is a long road and I’m only starting, so certainly I’ve much more to learn than to teach.

Although the travel, nomadic, and photographer communities are my prime targets, I welcome everyone to join BTW. That includes those who don’t have anything to do with this lifestyle or who wish to learn more about these concepts. The goal is to create a thriving relationship with people who are like-minded or who just need a little push. And of course, I’ll try my best to create frequent, useful and beautiful content for you to enjoy. Please follow me on social media too!


Here are the four opening articles of BTW:

Colmar – the French treasure of Alsace!

Translations – the basics of an easy source of income

Marrakesh – a portal to another culture

Stock Photography – turn your photos into money!

Finding online jobs – let’s start!

Step up your photography game – the tripod


Thank you and be certain of this: you were Born to Wanderlust!



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